The toughest karate: the toughest karate master

As the third kid, he was actually not expected to be associated with the fighting disciplines, but that seemed to make him wish to examine all the more. He spent much time striking the makiwara board, lifting hefty objects, and training as he could. Eventually, due to his remarkable dexterity, people called him Motobu the Monkey. His instructors check out like a Who’s Who of early Naha Te. Amongst his many teachers were Ankō Itosu, Sōkon Matsumura, Sakuma Pechin, Kōsaku Matsumora, and Tokumine Pechin. Motobu took a trip to Japan, where some Okinanwan teachers were earning money showing the art to the Japanese. That’s right, Motobu won the battle, showed martial arts was the most effective, but his fellow countryman, and competitor, Gichin Funokoshi, obtained the popularity. Hence, Shotokan circled around the globe, and Motobu went home to his island. Motobu Chōki, fighter and roughneck, is as in charge of the spread of Martial arts as anybody.